Services & Facility

The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institution by establishing, maintaining and promoting the following library facilities and information services .


*   Bibliography Service.
*  Computerize Book Circulation.
*  Current Awareness Service.
*  Inter Library Loan Service.
*  News Papers Clipping Service.
*  Printing Service.
*  Reference Service.
*  Referral Service.
*  Reprography Service.  


*  Audio-Visual CD’s/DVD Facility.
*  Book Bank Facility.
*  Books for Comp. Exams.
*  Career Development Related Information Display and Notification.
*  Digital Library Facility on our library web page.
*  Internet Facility.
*  Library User’s Orientation or Information Literacy to new enrolled Student &         Faculty.
*  Literature Search.
*  New Arrivals Display.
*  News Paper Clipping.
*  OPAC Facility.
*  Open Access Facility.
*  Power Backup.
*  Previous Question Paper Reading Room Facility.
*  Remote Access Facility for Faculty and Students.
*  Reprographic Facility.  

              BEST PRACTICES

*  Best Reader Award for Faculty and Student.
*  Book Exhibition.
*  Career/ Employment information.
*  Membership to Non-students.
*  Providing Question paper hard copy to Faculty & Student in library.
*  Providing soft copy of syllabus, College Magazine, Set of previous Question           papers, College related News
*  Paper clipping to all users on our library web page.
*  Training in the use of Library Services as E-resources for users.
*  Scholar’s Card.
*  Suggestion box and timely response.
*  User Feedback.
*  User Orientation & Information Literacy.


*  Assistance to poor and deserving students.
*  User Orientation & Information Literacy to students.
*  Career/ Employment information.
*   Displaying new arrivals books.
*  Organizing book exhibition.
*  Organizing worksh
op on library

“If we encounter a man of rare Intellect, we should ask him what books he reads. “
*****Ralph Waldo Emerson