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Department of History

The department of history was started in June 1968.Shri T.A. Kulkarni was appointed as Lecturer and Head of Department. A new vacancy was created in 1970. Mr. E. S. Patil joined as a lecturer in the department in the same year. Mr. E. S. Patil served in the department from 1970 to 2002.Shri H. P. Gitte joined the department in the year 1974. Shri T. A. Kulkarni served in the department from 1968 to 2005.Mr.H.P.Gitte worked as principal of this college during 1990 to 1994.In 2005 Mr. H. P. Gitte became Head of Department. He was retired in 2009. Then Dr. B. K. Shep was appointed as an Assistant Professor in 2011.At present he is the head of department.  In 2001-2002 college started Post Graduation in History. Students of this department participate in various activities in the college like Debate , Group discussion  and other Co & Extra Curricular activities.

Vision of the Department:-

  • We Teach the Students an image of History and thought this they develop a Sense of identity and a cultural understanding based on their historical heritage.
  • To interest and understanding about the life Historical Person Who lived in the past.
  • To have some knowledge and understanding of historical development in the wider world.
  • The department guides the Students how to analyze the Socio, economic, cultural factors of society and improve upon it.
  • To guide the students to participate in debate Competition, Seminar, and Workshop etc.
  • To motivate the students for competitive exam and give them importance of value based examination

1 DR.B.K.Shep Head, Assistant Prof. M.A.B.Ed.M.Phil.Ph.D. View Profile
2 Mrs.M.S.Gadam  Jr.Lecturer M.A.B.Ed. View Profile


Faculty Profile


 He has awarded the year 2005 entitled “Babasaheb Paranjape Jeevan ani Karya” and Ph.D. in the year 2010 entitled “Shri Gopinathrao Munde Jeevan ani Karya 1949-2006” He has actively participated in regional, state level and National level conferences, Seminar and workshops, He has published articles in the book “Adhunik Bhartacha Itihas” published by Vidyabharti Prakashan Latur.

He attended one seminar, four conferences.He presented a research paper in nine conferences.He published Research paper in two international level journal.He published one book.He acted as resource person.



  • National Conference organized by department on 07 /03/2017 on Rajashri Shahu Maharajachya Samajik Sudharna va Sadhyasthiti.


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