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Public Administration

Public Administration

Department of Public Administration

Department of public administration was started in 1969.This subject was started  as one of the optional subjects in few colleges by university. Mr.K.R.Bang was appointed in the department who was the first head of the department. He was very eminent teacher. Mr. T.D. Deshmukh was appointed as lecturer in 1975.After retirement of Mr.K.R.Bang Mr.T.D.Deshmukh became Head of 2003.In 2008 Mr. T.D. Deshmukh was retired. Miss.J.B.Kangane appointed as Full time lecturer in 2011.Now she is the Head of department. Students take part in seminar. Debate, competition , group discussion, N.S.S. and N.C.C.

1 Dr.J.B.Kangane Head, Assistant Prof. M.A.B.Ed.M.Phil.Ph.D. View Profile


Miss Dr.J.B.Kangane:

She is working as Head of the department. She attended national and state level seminars. She attended a workshop held by Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad. She is  member of I.I.P.A.New DelhiShe is working on various committees in college .

  • Papers Published in Journals:
Sr. No. Title Wit Page No. Journal ISSN/ISBN Whether Peer Reviwed impact factor, if any
1 New Public Management International referred online research journal ISSN-2319-6904 Oct.2012 Yes
2 Public Choce Approach Page No.1 to 5 International referred online research journal ISSN-2319-3557 Oct.2012 Yes
3 E-Administration Page No.116-117 International ISSN-0975-3486 Jan.2012 Yes
4 Good Governance Page No.125-126 International ISSN 2229-5623 Sept.2012 Yes



Sr. No. Title Wit Page No. Journal ISSN/ISBN Whether Peer Reviwed impact factor, if any
5 Womans Human Right Page No.130-132 International ISSN-2395-0404 July 2015 Yes
6 Impact of Information Technology on Public Administration International IBSN-2250-169X May 2012 Yes
7 Election Improvement try and necessary page No.87-88 International ISSN-2229-5615 May 2012 Yes
8 Diaster Management Page65-68 International ISSN-2229-6910 Nov.2012 to April 2013 Yes
9 Deference in Administration & Development Administration International ISSN-229-4406 Sept.2012, Feb.2013 Yes
10 Public Choice Approach International ISSN-2319-3557 Yes
11 Vikaslakshi Karyamadhe Swaynsevi Sansthanchi Bhumika aani badlte Swarup International ISSN-2347-9639 Yes
12 Striyanvaril Atyachar Aani Striyanche Manavdhikar International ISSN-2395-0404 Page 30 Yes
13 Jalyukt Shivar aani Gramin Vikas International ISSN-2319-8648 Yes
14 Disaster Management International Online journal ISSN : 2455-6092 2455-1562 Yes



Sr. No. Title Wit Page No. Journal ISSN/ISBN Whether Peer Reviwed impact factor, if any
15 Human Right & women exploting Page No.178 to 181 National Level

ISBN – 978-81 92406-8-9


16 Globalization and Public Administration pros and Cons. Page No.969 to 971 International ISBN-978-93-80876-72-6 Yes
17 Food Security Policy Impact and Challenge 229 to 231 National

ISBN 978-93-83139-05


18 Public Relation and social Audit Page No.53 to 54 National



19 Role of Gramsabha in Rural Development Page No.84 to 89 National



20 Information Technology and transparent administration Page No.60 to 61 State Level ISBN-978-81-921213-2-1 Yes
21 Medival, Mulsim Administration Page No.178 to 180 National Level ISBN-978-81-925358-5-2 Feb.2012 Yes
22 Local Self Governance and Rural Development Page No.364 to 369 National Level






Sr. No. Title Wit Page No. Journal ISSN/ISBN Whether Peer Reviwed impact factor, if any
23 Mislum Minority Discourse : Nationalism and Terrorism Page No.272-0274 National Level



24 Yashawantrao Chavan Yanche Maharashtra  Chya Jadan Ghadanit Yogdan Sampadit Book



25 Gramsabha Sakshmikaran Aani Talagalatil Jantecha Sahbhag National Level ISBN-978-81-931984-07 Yes

Famers sucide in India cuses and Remedies

Page No.275

National Level



27 Paryawaran Pradushan Ek Samajik Samasya Aani Avan Page No.95-99 International



28 Jalyukt Shivar Aani Gramin Vikas International   Yes
29 Hundabali Vishayi Prashasanachi Bhumika International ISSN-2320-4494  2017 Yes
30 Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan Aani Gramin Vikas International   Yes
31 Jalyukt Shivar Aani Gramin Vikas International ISSN : 2319-8648  2017 Yes

Food Security Policy Impact and Challenge


National Level

ISBN No.978-93-83139-05








Title with Page No. Type of Book ISSN/ ISBN Whether Peer Reviewed Whether you are main author
1 Indian Democracy and Election of Administration Refernce Book (Sole) ISBN-978-93-8341-24-5 0 Yes
2 District Administration Text Book (Sole) ISBN-978-93-5240-013-3 0 Yes




  • Rajarshi Shau Mahavidyalay, Latur National Workshop on Uses of computer & Information Technology in Social Science Research Dtd.08th April 2017
  • One-day National Level workshop Faculty Development workshop on Research Project writing and Recent Amendament is API Under CAS Shri. Panditguru Pardikar Mahavidyalaya, Sirsala Tq.Parli-V. Dist.Beed Late Ramesh Warpudkar ACS College, Sonpeth, Dist.Parbhani Dtd.29 Sept.2017
  • One-day National Level workshop Matshyodari Mahavidlaya Jalna 21 Sept. 2013
  • One-day National Level workshop on Quality Enhanceemtn Techniques related to NAAC 24 November 2016 Viadyanath College, Parli-V.
  • One-day National Level workshop on Reforms in Higher Education” Swami Ramanand Tirth Marathwada University Nanded Sub-Center, Latur. 26th 2016.
  • Two day International Seminar on Minority Discourses : Multidisciplinary approaches, Lokseva Education Society’s Arts and Science College, Garkheda Parisar Aurangabad organized, 4 & 5 March 2013.
  • Two day’s state Level Seminar on Impact of Information Technology on Public Administration, organized by Dept. of Public Administration, Art’s, Commerce & Science College, Ashti Dist.Beed. 28th January 2012.
  • Two days International Conference on “Globalization and Public Administration Pros and Cons” organized by Dept. of Public Administration & Lokprashasanhastra Vikas Mandal Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangbad. 16th & 17th January 2015.
  • Two days National Seminar on Agricultural crisis and Governance in India. Isues and concerns Dept. of Public Administration. Dr. B.A.M.University Aurangabad 11 & 12th March 2016.
  • One day International Conference on Globa Environment issues, Challenges and Solutions organized by Chetna Shikshan Prasarak (U.K.) Mandal’s Vaijapur, Arts Senior College, Aurangabad. On 29th February 2016.
  • Two days Lokrashasan Parishadeche 6th Adhiveshan, Yeshwant Mahavidylaya Nanded on Globliazation impact on Public Administration on 20th & 21st January 2012.
  • Two Days Interdisciplinary National Seminar on “Human Rights & Social Justices” organized by Dept. of Public Administration. “Matoshri Shantabai Gote Arts, Commerce & Science college, Washim on 11th and 12th February 2013.
  • One day State Level Conference of Maharashtra Public Administration Association, Swatantrya Sainik Suryabhanji Pawar College, Purna Dist.Parbhani on 21st 2008.
  • Two days National Seminar on Decentralization and Local Governance, Reent Issues in India, Organized by Dept. of Public Administration, Manav Vikas Mision Aurangabad, Shri Asaramji Bhandwaldar Arts, Commerce & Science College, Deogaon (Rangari) Dist.Aurangabad. on 6th & 7th February 2011.
  • Two days National Conference on Challenges before Public Administration organized by Peoples college, Nanded (M.S.) 1st & 2nd March 2015.
  • Two day Interdisciplinary Natinal Seminar on “Muslim Sahityikanche Marathi Sahityala Yogdan aani Aitihasik, Sanskrutik, Samaji, Arthik, Shaikshanik, Rajkiy Kshetratil Bhartiya Muslim Samajache Sthan” Oragnized by Ekta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s College of Arts Bidkin on 1st and 2nd February 2013.
  • Maharashtra Rajeshastra & Public Administration Parishad 31st Adhiveshan B. Raghunath Arts, Comm. & Sci. College, Parbhani on 10, 11, 12 January 2014.
  • One day State Level Conference on “Gramin Vikasat Sthanik Swayshasnatil Netratwachi Bhumika & Yogdan Dt.10th January 2015.
  • Two Day National Seminar the Indian Institute of Public Administration Local Branch, Aurangabad on Water Conservation, Water Economy and Crop Pattern, Role of Farmers, Public Representatives and Government : issues and concern on August 26th & 27th
  • VIII Maharashtra Lokrashasan Parishad on Public Policy & governance, Organized by Dept. of Public Administration, “S.S.P.M.’s Mahila Mahavidyalay & Lokprashasan Shastra Vikas Mandal, 10th & 11th January 2014.
  • One day Interdisciplinary National Seminar on Two Decades of 73rd constitutional Amendment. Experiences, Issues and challenges” in collaboration with. The Indian Institute of Public Admnistration Local Branch, Aurangabad on 22nd August 2015.
  • One Day National Conference on “The Problem of Dowry : Challenges and RRemedies” organized by Sundarrao Solanke Mahavidyalaya, Majalgaon” the faculty of social science on 11th September 2017.
  • One Day National Level Conference on “Role of Panchayat Raj in Rural Development in India”, organized by Department of Public Administration”, Vasundhara College, Ghatnandur Dist.Beed on 20th September 2017.
  • 5th International Conference on Latest Innovations in Science & Management. Held on 28th September 2017. The International Centre Goa, Panji, Goa (India)
  • One day State Level Workshop on “Revised Assessment and Accrediation methodlogy of NAAC”, Maharashtra Mahavidyalaya Nilanga on 24th August 2017.
  • One Day National Workshop on use of Computer & Informatioon Technology in Social Science Research (VCITSSR-2017) Organized by Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur, Dept. of Public Administration on 8th April 2017.
  • Two days orientation and Training Programme for Staf on Inflibnet N-List E-Resource” Vaidyanath College, Parli-Vaijnath. on 23rd and 24th April 2012.
  • One day workshop on “Reforms in organized by S.R.T.M. University Sub-Center Latur on 26th November 2016.
  • Lokprashasan Vibhagantargat Ek Divsiya Workshop, Punarchit Abhyaskarm- Karyashala, 2013, Matshyodari Kala, Vanijya & Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya, Jalna 21st September 2013.
  • One Day faculty Development workshop on Research Project Writing and Resent Amendments in API under (As organized by IQUAC of Shri Panditguru Pardikar Mahavidyalaya Sirsala & Sonpeth College on 29th September 2017.




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