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Student councile

Student Councile


  • The Students’ Council is the constitutional representative body of the student community at the College level which is formed as per the guidelines of Maharashtra Public University act 1994 under section (44) and 2016 under section (99) for the purpose to serve the students at the College level. It plays crucial role to keep the college environment healthy and well functioning. Due to students participation, it is easy for the college administration to conduct various programs like cultural, recreational, sports, awareness and educational and also to provide society commitment services through NSS and NCC. It is nice platform for the students to represent their views, ideas and interests. An implicit view behind the constitution of Students Council is to improve the quality of higher education.
  • As per the directions of the Board of College and University Development Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad, the College has completed the election procedure for the academic years 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. Miss Vidya Hanuman Phad, Miss Usha Aatrakrao Phad and Miss Rachana Burkule were elected as Students Council secretary for the corresponding years. The active participation of student’s council in each and every activities of the College made it possible to create the healthy atmosphere in the college campus.
  • IQAC has taken measures to organize various seminars, conferences, workshops and value added programs to participate students for making them aware on the current inventions and what is going on all around the world. Students have organized important activities like painting exhibition, women conscious awareness programs, tree plantation, career development, anandnagari, Rallies on water conservation and management, swacchata campaigns, cultural programs at adopted villages, rangoli, wel-come and farewell functions of the students etc.
  • However, after consecutive three years, the University has stopped the election procedure onwards at the College as well as the University level because of the bad consequences of elections. However, taking into account the students demand and welfare, University has continued the election procedure from the academic year 2017-18 onwards.
  • Following the procedure, student’s council was constituted for the academic year 2017-18. Miss. Dhas Subhangi Rajendra was elected as secretary of student council. Before organizing any activity, meeting is held with student’s council to decide outlines of program. Thus, student’s council not only plays an important role to carry out different activities but enables smooth running of the academic processes.
  • Aims and Objectives: Roles of the Student Council: 

    The Student Council is a statutory body exists in the college to represent the voice of the students, promote their ideas and advocate their views and interests. It is a fundamentally democratic and non-political institution, with all students given equal opportunity to participate. Its role is to help the college to serve its students as effectively as possible and making students aware of wide range of issues. Besides, it plays an important role in establishing links with the community to make them aware of the current issues.

    • To create a positive and healthy college atmosphere by mutual respect between staff and students.
    • Developing participation of students in various academic activities.
    • Helping students to develop important life skills such as project management, time management and leadership skills.
    • Raising awareness among students of prevalent issues in society including health, financial and environmental issues.
    • Establishing links with the local community.

Committee (Year 2017-18):


Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Designation
1 Dr. V. J. Chavan In charge
2 Dr. P. L. Karad Member
3 Dr. M. N. Rode Member
4 Dr. P. K. Koparde Member
5 Captain G. S. Chavan Member
6 Dr. V. J. Chavan Member





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