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Vision Mission Goals

The vision of institution is to promote itself as a unique centre of academic excellence.


  • To provide all necessary learning resources to the students to uplift their talent so as to make them global competent.
  • To endeavour in human resources development and building of individuals to cater to the needs of society and country.
  • To provide quality education by promoting the use of technology.
  • To motivate the students for social justice, equality and commitment.
  • To provide pragmatic education to the students to meet current and future challenges.
  • To undertake quality related research, consultancy & training programmes.
  • To collaborate with industry or higher educational institutions for quality evaluation, promotion & sustenance.


  • To cultivate moral values like honesty, truthfulness, respect and fairness among the students for their bright future.
  • To call upon students to respect values like equality, liberty and social justice enshrined in the Indian constitution.
  • To organize various curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for holistic development of students.


    Core values of the institution

  • Quest for excellence
  • Respect to human values
  • Promotion to research and scientific temperament
  • Environment consciousness
  • Knowledge and skills for livelihood
  • Global Stewardship
  • Inclusiveness and tolerance


Jawahar Education Society’s

Vaidyanath College  Arts, Science and Commerce
Ambajogai Road,
Parli – Vaijanath,
Maharashtra 431515

Phon: 02446-222178